What Dessert Goes With Pizza – 19 Recipes To Try

Pizza is delicious baked dough with a wide variety of toppings that enhances its taste. It is mostly used as comfort food, and sometimes it also can be served as dinner but with other accompaniments.

In terms of desserts, the dessert’s nutritional value is not considered, and mostly the type of dessert is influenced by the cravings you have. Nevertheless, it becomes problematic when you have to choose what dessert to pair with pizza.

The sole purpose of desserts that are mostly eaten after the main meal is to help digestion the food after you have eaten heavy meals or a course meal. This means that every person has a different idea of which desserts are best to pair with pizza and what kind of desserts are the best.

The next time you are to host a party or on duty for pizza night, try integrating some desserts to impress your friends and guests. In case you are looking for Italian desserts, light or decadent desserts, here are some of the options you can use when pairing pizza and desserts.



It is the best dessert, if not the best, that you can pair with pizza. It is also usually very light with different varieties of fruits used that brings out a very delicious flavor.

After consuming huge amounts of cheese and pepperoni, sorbet makes a perfect alternative in cleaning and clearing out the taste buds.

Lemon sorbet is the best for cleaning purposes, and it also boosts saliva production in the mouth. It comes with different fruit flavors, which means you can try other fruits like pineapple and berries if you do not like the lemon-flavored sorbet.

Sorbet is generally not creamy and not rich compared to ice creams. Nevertheless, it is highly nutritious and a good palate cleanser.

Here’s the recipe- sorbet recipe



Gelato is another popular dessert that you can easily pair with your pizza. Gelato pairs beautifully with the pizza. It is mostly frozen and usually has low amounts of fat as compared to other ice creams.

The number of flavors made from the gelato dessert is extremely high, with different variations from one region to another.

It is a good palate cleanser after you have scarfed down pizza slices made from meat or any other type of pizza.

It is an Italian dessert ice cream, and most people tend to confuse it with the common ice cream, so how do you differentiate this ice cream from the common one?

Gelato dessert is usually denser, creamier, and smoother. It also has less butterfat content of 4%, and also it has less air than the usual ice cream.

So instead of going all out for plain ice cream, try the gelato ice cream and experience the traditional Italian delicious ice cream. There is absolutely no reason why you will not enjoy this dessert.

Here’s the recipe- gelato



As you all know, many of the doughnuts are prepared from yeast dough or cake-based dough. However, these donuts are made from pate choux dough and are usually crispy, light, and of course, very delicious.

The toppings are made of powdered sugar, and the stuffing consists of pastry cream, custard, jelly, or butter, and honey blended. The choux dough is usually fried, and this then forms a crisp and tender donut that is very sweet.

Zeppole donuts come from Italy, and they are a good dessert that you can eat after taking your slices of pizza. These donuts vary, and sometimes the fillings may contain ricotta mixed with chocolate. It is also sometimes made savoury.

Here’s the recipe- zeppole

Ice cream


Just as the way pepper and salt form good pairings is the same way ice cream and pizza form perfect pairings. So, whenever you need a pizza pairing, look no further because ice creams are super delicious.

There are no limits when it comes to the flavors of ice cream. They come in a wide range of varieties from which you can choose from whether you want chocolate, vanilla, or peppermint; they all form delicious desserts, and you can never go wrong with any variety.

You can also get banana-flavored ice cream; though it is ice cream, it is incorporated with bananas, which are healthy fruits.

Here’s the recipe- ice cream



It is an Italian dessert made from flavored coffee. This dessert is always layered with different ingredients that include cheese, whipped eggs, and sugar. The express soaked savoraidi or ladyfingers are always dipped in coffee and usually very delicious.

This dessert makes a perfect round-up to pizza dinner, but it is not essentially the best dessert for people with lean and light bodies in mind.

Tiramisu dessert is very popular, airy, and light, and it makes an ideal pairing for your pizza.

The introduction of other ingredients into these dessert means you can find other varieties of this flavored dessert. The cake has been replaced with different ingredients like bananas, raspberry, lemon, and pineapple, making it easier when choosing your favorite flavor.

Here’s the recipe- tiramisu



This irresistible fried dough can never go wrong after having your main meal. These pastries are always made in a tube-shaped design from fried dough and always very sweet.

When it comes to desserts, cheese is always the best that you can use while preparing them. The stuffing of this fried dough consists of a creamy filling that contains ricotta cheese, nuts, and chocolates.

These Italian pastries make a brilliant pizza pairing.

Here’s the recipe- cannoli

Chocolate cake


This is one of the traditional desserts that never goes out of fashion. It may be an old school dessert, but it forms an exceptional pairing when it comes to pizza. You can easily blend these cakes with other desserts like vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate cake that contains berry toppings or one that has been sprinkled with fudge are some of the varieties that provide perfect pairings with almost any type of pizza.

Just a small piece of this cake will end all the cravings you had because of the richness these chocolates contain.

Here’s the recipe- chocolate cake

Fruit tart


This is another good option after having a pizza party. Fruit tarts bring in a refreshing taste as you can use the tarts to signify the party’s end.

In addition, there are several varieties of fruit tarts that you can choose from depending on what you want.

The benefits of this type of desserts are that you can customize it to your liking when preparing them, the toppings are mostly made of fresh fruits and custard.

Come to think of these tarts; they are almost similar to pizza except that they are desserts.

Here’s the recipe- fruit tart



The best pies during warm months are made from blueberries, apples, strawberries, and lemons, whereas during the colder months, the best pies come from classic flavors like pumpkins, pecan, apple, and cranberry.

If you are having a pizza party, preparing homemade pies is the best alternative as you can make several flavors of these pies that make it easy for your guest to choose their favorite flavor.

It would help if you also kept the fillings fruity and the toppings crispy.

The combination or pairing of a dessert pie and pizza is irresistible, and it usually comes out perfect, mostly when the pies are correctly done.

Here’s the recipe- pie



These deep-fried, light, airy Mexican snacks are also good pairings to your pizza. These long and thin sticks, usually golden brown and topped with cinnamon, are usually very delicious.

Making these sticks is also not difficult; therefore, you do not need to go to chureira to acquire them. For a good and delicious taste, dip the sticks in caramel or melted chocolate for that sweet bite.

Here’s the recipe- churros

Dessert pizza


This pizza has the same resemblance as the standard and typical design pizza, but they are not always savory. The best thing about the dessert pizza is that you can make it in different styles and different ingredients.

Cinnamon streusel dessert pizza, for example, is heavily loaded with cinnamon, and they are usually delicious. Some of the variations in the recipe you can make from the dessert pizza include a crust prepared from rolling cinnamon dough, cookie dough, or pie shells.

The toppings are made up of butternut, cheese ice cream, chocolate sauce, and marshmallow; depending on your preference, there are no limitations on which toppings you can use. Customize the pizza toppings with whatever you want.

Here’s the recipe- dessert pizza



This sweet dessert is made of several layers, but it can sometimes be made with only a single layer. The cakes are usually soft and made from fresh cheese, and it forms a perfect combination with pizza.

It comes with a variety of flavors and can either be baked or not. So, if you are hosting a pizza night for your friends, serve these cheesecakes, sprinkle them with fudge to make them tastier, or you can add the strawberries, lemon, or white creams as the toppings.

Here’s the recipe- cheesecake

Plain fruit

It will help if you eat fruits as a dessert as it is something more different from what you ate for dinner. Plain fruit is not a common opinion, but you can as well try it. After eating your meaty pizza, complete it by hitting a bowl of fruits; any berry works best here.

Of course, the list of how you can make plain fruit is endless, and all the variations have their distinctive taste.

You can slice different types of fruits and blend them to form a salad, or you can as well grill some slices of mangoes and pineapples.

Nevertheless, most people will not want to use fruits as a dessert, but others will welcome this idea because of the freshness of the fruits and the high amounts of vitamins that come with these fruits.



This dessert is made from fruits that include layers of stacked and sponge or ladyfingers that are always soaked in cream, custard, or distilled wine.

However, the ingredients vary, and it is not limited to layers of fruits only.

The topping consists of white cream or the traditional topping called the syllabub. It is usually served in clear glasses or bowls such that your guests can easily see the alternating layers of the fruits and the ingredients used.

Trifle dessert pairs perfectly with pizza, which is why it is considered one of the best desserts that you can pair with pizza. These desserts are also versatile as you can use them on different occasions, celebrations, and parties.

Here’s the recipe- trifle



These golden-brown sweet pastry desserts are also another good option when you are considering pairing your pizza.

They are made with alternating layers that are jointly held with syrup or honey, and usually, it is stuffed with chopped walnuts.

There are variations in this dessert’s fillings; some people use almonds, hazelnuts, and cinnamon. Baklava is a good accompaniment when eating Italian dishes and especially when eating pizza.

Here’s the recipe- baklava

Chocolate chip cookies


These chip cookies are one of my favorite desserts. Having a chocolate chip after scarfing down your pizza sums up a delicious dinner.

It is also made in different varieties, and you can readily find vegan chocolate chip cookies like vegan margarine.

These mouth-watering chewy and thick cookies are enticing and irresistible because of their distinctive sweet nature from particular and unique ingredients used during its preparation procedure.

Here’s the recipe- chocolate chip cookies

Fudge brownies


Even its name only already has me drooling. They make an ideal ending for your pizza dinner and are always chewy and chocolatey. These brownies are perfect for chocolate lovers due to their sweet and delicious nature.

Another added advantage of this chocolate is that preparing it is very easy, and messing it up is not easy. The reason as to why the chocolates are fudgy is because the ratio of fat to flour is high, and it also contains more eggs and oil.

Here’s the recipe- fudge brownies



This Italian dessert usually looks like gelato, often topped with a hot expresso shot, and usually very delicious. This dessert is ideal when you have meetings to attend in the afternoon because it has stimulants to keep you awake.

It is often served in a narrow and tall glass, which then lets the gelato melt and blend with the expresso, usually placed at the glass’s bottom.

here’s the recipe- affogato



This frozen dessert pairs well with several varieties of pizza. This dessert is made from different flavors of ice cream, and at the center of it, there is a fruit syrup that is coated within a shell of cocoa or cinnamon.

Here’s the recipe- tartufo

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