20 Best Pizza Topping Combos To Make Mouth-Watering Pizza

There are different ways to enjoy different styles of pizza. Some people even like it in its basic form, but if you want to have the perfect pizza experience, you will need to try different toppings.

Pizza is one meal that tries to incorporate all the different taste buds across the globe when they use different toppings. Check out the ones we suggest below.

1. Spinach zucchini broccoli mushroom, Brussel sprouts tomatoes, and garlic


If you are a vegan, the good thing is that you can quench your pizza cravings using these seven ingredients. Each of the ingredients you, therefore, see here has a role.

This will show you that you don’t always have to use the meat stuff on the pizza. I say so because just recently I took this and of course it’s a dish to go for a second time.

You have the spinach, Brussel sprouts, zucchini, and broccoli for the extra texture. The tomatoes and the mushroom will then give you the juicy goodness. If you want it even to look better, you should roast it in the oven. Even the Brussel sprouts make it just taste even better.

But when you finally have everything ready, you can add on the minced garlic. This will give the pizza some authentic, flavorful, and delicious taste.

2. BBQ Sauce and chicken


You see, the BBQ sauce works best on the roasts and other different meals. For a long time, people didn’t use it for their meats, but today, they use it on pizzas. This will also act as a substitute for the tomato sauce.

Some people will decide to use it as the right topping while other people use it together with chicken pineapple and smoked gouda.

Here then we have the BBQ sauce and the chicken options. Of course, you will mostly like it because it’s not too sweet, but it’s richly flavored for your pizza.

When you’re going to use the sauce for your pizza, you have to be careful how you make it work for you. Choose just the right size for the sauce to overpower the pizza or let the toppings overpower it. You also don’t want the pizza to be soggy.

3. Pear and bacon


For some people, this appears to be a simple dinner or dessert meal just because of its light. However, you can be sure that you usually have the best combo for another style of pizza

when you use the pear and bacon.

Here, be open to making the crust even more delicious when you use the all-purpose flour and the Quinoa flour. Somehow this will add some of the best flavors and sweetness when you blend it on with the toppings you have here.

Notice that you blend the salty bacon with the pear’s sweetness coming together to deliver the best-looking pizza. You want to have a unique style, how about try this option today?

4. Ham and pineapple


This is also what most people refer to as the Hawaiian pizza. And the question of whether it’s okay to have the pineapples in the pizza still keeps coming up. Meanwhile, we keep enjoying our Hawaiian pizza.

In the olden days, this was not as common in pizza. Some people felt like it was too thick for anyone to use in their favorite pizza.

Well, today, thanks to Canada, we have a pizza that blended the two and created the first Hawaiian pizza.

In other instances, though, you may use the Canadian bacon over the pizza dough. They mostly used that first. If you, however, don’t have it, then use the ham instead.

5. Taco toppings


For the Mexicans and those who like Mexican foods, you have another choice here. You can use the taco toppings on the pizza, too—another diverse style to eat your pizza.

The secret here, therefore, is to use the Picante sauce on the crust. Next, consider using taco toppings and spread them evenly over that.

So if you enjoy the taco and enjoy pizza, you can have the two in one to create one of the best creations.

6. Cheeseburger, hamburger, onion cheddar cheese, and bacon


It may look like a lot for some people, but it still works for other people. You, of course, use the different meats they use in the burgers.

You can then add the onions with the different kinds of cheese or just the cheddar cheese.

Of course, when you are going to use cured meats, you can amplify the different flavors. I like that pizza gives you the option to try the different styles and unique pizza toppings. Still, you will have the best choice you can try.

7. Pepperoni with cheese


One of the most popular options of pizza is the pepperoni one with cheese. It’s a simple combination that works for different pizza styles like the New York pizza. So here you will have the flavor blend of the cheese with the meats.

So the crust has to be flavorful too to enhance the taste too. You will have a blend of different styles of meals, all at once.

This one works best if you are looking for a simple snack to use when you don’t need to use a heavy meal.

It often has pepperoni, mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce too. This pizza happens to be one of the best choices you can ever have. Sometimes it may even have chili, but you will most likely love it.

You can further have the combination where they are going to have additional ingredients, as suggested below. They have Italian sausage, salami, bell peppers but also olives.

8. Bacon, sausage, and eggs


If you are anyone who would like to recreate a different pizza choice, then you should use this great option. Of course, pizza for breakfast will always taste great.

This is for those who like the savory choices for their breakfast option too. Here you may use maple syrup, sausage, bacon, but you can then add some eggs on it too.

Here notice that the person making it also uses some of the regular breakfast ingredients. So go on to use the sausage, eggs, and bacon.

If you also like, you can add on the hollandaise sauce, and it will then make it easy to fit in for breakfast.

9. Chicken and puttanesca


By the time you are done here, you will realize that you can set almost anything in the pizza. The thing here is that you will have to use the Puttanesca sauce.

You will then need to use the chicken with the oregano, olives, capers, and oregano. The diversity of the fillings is excellent since it makes it easy to choose the toppings.

10. No cheese, no problem


If you are one of those who can’t stand cheese because you’re lactose intolerant or you are just a vegan, we have another option for you to use.

Consider making enough tomato sauce and anchovy fillets.

Also, add the capers fillets with the black oil-packed olives. Finish it all with the oregano dusting. Again you can go on to add your favorite veggies to make it even tasty.

11. Pizza vegetarian


Here you have other options for those who can eat the meat products but not the meat itself.

Choose the stewed peppers if you don’t mind spicy.

Stewed eggplants and zucchini

Spinach is equally great

Artichoke hearts

Add the mozzarella cheese

Notice that you can use any veggies you would like to use.

A few drops of olive oil will make the pizza taste even better.

12. Chicken barbecue pizza


You will need the hickory smoke pizza sauce.

Shredded Montero jack cheese

Grilled skinless and boneless chicken breast strips

Olive oil and some parsley

So here the main thing is about the chicken smoked. It gives it the perfect flavors to use for different occasions. Of course, you should also use your best tomato sauce to give it texture and perfections.

13. Butternut squash, bacon, and Brussel sprout


This is more ideal during this winter weather, but especially since you can use the hot pizza to at least keep you a little bit warmer.

Of course, it’s a blend of the perfect crust and vegies toppings, but meat enhances the sweetness with the bacon.

You can further have the blue cheese but with hazelnuts as well. In the end, you will have the perfect comfort food too.

This is one of those that you refer to as the sweet, savory but also delicious meals. This will calm your food cravings all at ago.

14. Prosciutto and mushroom


Remember, you will always have to be a little bit creative. And here you can have the favorite mushroom.

Make sure you slice the champignon mushrooms nicely, then a blend of tomato sauce ham and shredded mozzarella cheese.

15. Mushroom magic


The use of the mushroom on the pizza didn’t start today. We have had this option for a long time. It’s still one of the best choices for those who don’t like meat or are not using meat in their diets.

Therefore, you will have white and champignon mushroom, roasted garlic sauce, Portabella, oyster, shitake, criminni, trumpet, and chanterelle. As you can see, you can even use it when you are having some meats as part of the meal.

I always like this pizza when I’m having a quiet date night at home. When you make it correctly, then you will find the fulfilling blend.

16. Pesto fresh or sundried tomatoes mozzarella


I know you will ask what pesto is? Well, they make pesto from basil, olive oil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and some garlic.

This is one of the best sauces to use on your pizza. You will further know why it livens up your traditional pizza. It gives you a chance to either using it as a base sauce or using it on top of the other ingredients.

Other than that you can try the sun-dried tomatoes.

In the end, you will have the tomatoes cutting through the salt that the pesto makes. It also has the mozzarella to make the flavors blend and come in all together. When you then have all that, you are ready to take your pizza meal with ease.

17. Spinach feta mushroom and sausage


Remember that with this option, though, you will not need to use the marina sauce; instead, you should use the white sauce. It will, in fact, make a go-to sauce for you.

You know the spinach is a green veggie that can be a little bitter, so they use the feta cream to make it nicely tasty.

Here you will then join the mushroom and sausages to come up with the meals’ perfect blend. Here you, therefore, have a tasty pizza, not like the regular cheese pizza.

Of course, if you like, you can go on to add your favorite cheese options.

18. Fruit pizza


While this looks not real, we have the option of creating a fruit pizza, you know. I like to try this when the spring comes along, you know. From the pizza founders, we must say that the pizza is just the same as the pie.

The best to use is the berries, basil, balsamic, and caramelized onions.

19. Cheese pizza


Another one of the most common pizza styles is where they use the different cheese styles for the toppings. They are great at providing other dairy products. The most common cheese they use on the pizza is mozzarella and the parmesan cheese, asiago, and jack Monterey.

Nonetheless, you can also add on the pizza sauce, basil, and Italian seasoning for some more pizza style spicing.

20. Customize it

By now, you know they make different toppings. So if all the things they mention here aren’t some of the most common meals you take, you can use the common ingredients.

If you like, you can add the corns, eggs, meatballs, and other meats. My favorite addition is some corn and cornflour. I like to eat a few corns in the meal.

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