19 Best Gluten-Free Pizza Chains (With Menus You May Want To Try)

The regular wheat flour used for pizza crust contains gluten, not just the flour but also some other ingredients used to make pizzas. If you have a gluten allergy or celiac disease, you need to stay off any gluten food.

The good part is that having celiac disease or being sensitive to gluten cannot stop you from enjoying a good pizza meal.

This article will look at some of the restaurants that cater to your needs and allow you to enjoy your meal without worrying about any presence of gluten.

1. Domino’s Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Domino’s Pizzas Menu – Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s pizza is one of the biggest brands of pizza outlets, and they boast a long list of clientele. With this large customer base, they certainly have to attend to their various needs. If you are hoping to find a gluten-free pizza, then you will find it in Domino.

You have a lot of variety to choose from. These include; Indi Chicken Tikka, loaded pepperoni, Garlic Chicken and Bacon Ranch, Godfather, Margherita, and BBQ Meatlovers. Your gluten allergy should not limit you from enjoying your pizza.

2. Donato’s Gluten Free pizza



With Donato’s pizza, you would enjoy amazing pizzas. Whether you prefer your pizza gluten-free or not, you still get a chance to share some fantastic recipes without much difference.

You get to enjoy gluten-free recipes such as; pepperoni, classic trio, Hawaiian, Mariachi, Margherita, and serious cheese pizzas. You can also decide to try their gluten-free salads to accompany your pizza.

Donato’s makes their pizza crust with Udi’s gluten-free pizza crust. This thin crunchy crust is covered from all points at the top.

3. Amici’s Gluten-Free Pizza



If you have orders from your doctor to stay free from gluten, you can still find your favorite pizza over here at Amici’s. You can find pizzas ranging from Margherita, Siciliano, Manhattan red clam, Trentino, spicy pepper chicken, and Milano.

You have a lot of variety to choose from, so you are not limited. Amici’s put a lot of attention and carefulness into making sure that your gluten-free food is not mixed with other gluten products.

Official Website:  Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

Address: 2353 E 12th St Oakland, CA 94601

San Francisco (Mission Bay)216 King Street. San Francisco, CA 94107

4. Boston Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Boston Pizza | Family Restaurant, Sports Bar Canada, Take Out and Delivery

Boston Pizza franchise offers you comprehensive pizza options without you having to worry about gluten. They make their pizza crusts from cauliflower. The great part is that you get to customize and choose your toppings and cheese. An example of gluten-free pizza is Genoa Salami, fresh mushrooms, banana peppers.

They also have a fantastic tomato sauce that is mouthwatering, and they include Bolognese meat sauce and Pomodoro Tomato Sauce. They are very concerned about their customers with the celiac condition and who are allergic to gluten. You can get your customized gluten-free pizza, and you could also add their gluten-free Caesar and garden salad.

5. Extreme Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website

This is one pizza chain that has imbibed the gluten-free culture deeply into its menus and dishes. Extreme Pizza gets its gluten-free crust from a company that advocates and educates businesses on the importance of a gluten-free diet.

You can be confident that your needs will be catered for with utmost carefulness, with such emphasis being balanced on a gluten-free diet. This fantastic pizza crust uses bean, tapioca, and rice flour, and they do an excellent job by striking a balance between these three ingredients.

Extreme pizza offers you very lovely amazing toppings with this great crust. You have the traditional toppings like pepperoni, Hawaiian, Everest, and Hanoi Fever. Also, they play around with ideas of toppings, keeping it interesting. You can even get to customize your gluten-free crust with any toppings of your choice.

Address; these are some of the physical addresses listed below.


218 Route 519, Wantage, NJ 07461.


1310 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


1419 South Fern Street, Arlington, VA 22202

6. Figaro Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Home – Figaro’s Pizza

Figaro pizza offers you a great pizza menu. Not only are their pizza crust gluten-free, but even all their toppings are also gluten-free. So, you can comfortably walk into this shop and order without the fear of getting gluten products that are not good for you.

You can also buy this gluten-free crust from them and take it home. This means you can cook your pizza in the comfort of your home without having to struggle with the gluten free dough in the kitchen.

You have chicken pizzas, combo pizzas, all with gluten-free crusts. You are even given the freedom to create and customize your pizza topping. You have to seize this opportunity and eat healthily and also with a mixture of fun to it.

7. Gino’s Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website

This pizza outlet is famous for its customized pizza styles, including grandma pizza, Brooklyn pizza, and Neopolitan pizza. The toppings range from pepperoni to broccoli, jalapeños, mixed peppers, tomatoes, spinach, onions, ham extra cheese, bacon, and pineapple.

Address; you can find them in New York with the address below.

  • 258 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon, NY 11702

8. Godfather’s Pizza Gluten Free Menu



Official Website

Godfather’s pizza is one of those pizza outlets that have responded quickly and well to the need for gluten-free services. You can walk into this shop, and all your gluten-free needs will be catered for. Godfathers make their pizza crust from rice to avoid gluten.

One significant advantage of Godfather’s pizza is that their gluten-free pizza is sold in the ‘take and bake” style. It means that you can get the pre-wrapped pizza of your choice and bake it at home all by yourself.

You will find the pepperoni and Cheese gluten-free pizzas; also, you have the possibility of creating your pizza the way you love it. Check out their website and make your order; you would not be disappointed.

9. Green Mill Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website

Green mill is a gluten friendly restaurant. It caters to your gluten irritation and celiac difficulties. The gluten-free pizza is as delicious and well-crafted as the regular pizzas. You get the advantage of eating healthy and also enjoying your delicious meal.

Address; these are some of the physical addresses that you could check out.

  • Green Mill Restaurant & Bar (Wisconsin)

2410 Gateway Court. Hudson WI, 54016

  • Green Mill Restaurant & Bar (Minnesota)

2705 Annapolis Ln N. Plymouth MN, 55441

  • Green Mill Restaurant & Bar (Kansas)

8787 Reeder Road. Overland Park KS, 66214

10. Ledo Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Ledo Pizza | Carryout Experts Since 1955 | Pizza Near Me

Ledo pizza offers you a fantastic mouthwatering pizza, plus you get to customize it according to your taste, and it is all gluten-free.

Their amazing crust is made from rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, fresh yeast, evaporated cane juice, salt, olive oil, and water. You can select any topping of your choice.

It is necessary to note that if you have a severe allergy to gluten or celiac disease, the environment, and your food might be contaminated because the kitchen is also used to prepare foods with gluten.

If you want to order pizza, you can check out their website and call through to the management. It would be essential to inform them about the level of your allergy to gluten so that extra precautions might be taken.

11. Mellow Mushroom Gluten-Free Pizza



Click here to go to their Website: Baby Come Back! (mellowmushroom.com)

Mellow mushroom is one pizza outlet that you can count on to cater to your gluten-free needs. They pay attention to their customers who have allergies to gluten and those with celiac disease.

They have certified gluten-free products for making their pizzas, and you can get to eat your pizza with peace of mind. They have the gluten-free house special, which includes a crust made from the mellow red sauce, topped with Italian sausage, smoked bacon, sliced mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, and mozzarella.

You have the option of building your toppings on the gluten-free crust to suit your taste. Their pizza is so delicious and amazing.

Address: these are some of the physical addresses in case you hope to drive through.


400 West Peachtree St, Suite #1, Atlanta GA 30308


1167 Broad St, Augusta GA 30901


79 Commerce Street Suite A, Montgomery AL 36104


1009 Gervais St, Columbia SC 29201

12. Garlic Jims Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Garlic Jim’s – Famous Gourmet Pizza

Garlic Jim’s is famous for their Gourmet gluten-free pizza. This is a great place to have a great gluten-free meal. Among their pizza menu, you will find recipes like; Queen Margherita, Gourmet Hawaiian, Garlic Jim’s Ultimate, and Jim’s Gourmet Garlic.

You also get the opportunity to build your pizza according to your taste. Their gluten-free pizza crust is made from tapioca flour, rice flour, potato starch, garlic powder, salt, sugar, yeast, water, olive oil, potato flakes, and Italian seasoning.

This gluten-free pizza crust is thin and crispy, and enjoyable. They are sensitive to their clients with gluten irritation, and they offer good services. If you happen to be in the Washington or Texas area and would love to give them a try, then take a look at the address below.

  • Garlic Jim’s Pizza Edmonds (Washington)

9796 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA 98020

  • Garlic Jim’s Pizza Hausman Road (Texas)

Hausman Plaza 8338 N. Loop 1604 W San Antonio, TX 78249

13. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza



Official Website: Mr. Gatti’s Home Page (mrgattispizza.com)

At Mr. Gatti’s, so much effort is put into giving you a wonderful experience, even if you are ordering for the gluten-free pizza crust. When you get the opportunity to taste this gluten-free crust, you might not tell the difference between this and the regular dough.

The pizza crust is thin, crispy with a buttery taste, and you do not have to worry about getting a soggy taste to the crust. Another good thing about Gatti’s is that you can customize your pizza to have your unique sauces like Frank’s red-hot sauce, ranch sauce, and BBQ sauce.

Address: Below are some of the physical locations for some of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza outlets.

  • Indiana: 703 E Lewis and Clark Pkwy, Clarksville, IN 47129
  • West Virginia: 201 George Kostas Dr, Logan, WV 25601
  • South Carolina: 100 McMillon Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303

14. Picazzo Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Home – Picazzos

Picazzo restaurant offers you a truly healthy meal; not only do you get gluten-free food items; also, their ingredients are not GMO. You should not worry about your pizza being contaminated with gluten.

This is because all their pizzas, bread, and pasta are gluten-free by default. They use special ovens; this reduces the chances of you getting gluten contamination. You have delicious toppings to choose from like; chicken bacon and herbs, Naples Margherita, Hot honey, fig and Salami, Puttanesca, Vortex, Elote, Meaty Meaty, and Fig Gorgonzola.


  • Picazzo’s Paradise Valley

4669 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85032

  • Picazzo’s Scottsdale

7325 Frank Lloyd Wright, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

15. Pizza Fusion Gluten-Free Pizza



Pizza Fusion official Website: Pizza Fusion – Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegitarian Information

Pizza Fusion pizzeria is all about the customer’s service and experience. They do put their heart to make sure that you have a good time.

They are very meticulous about gluten-free pizzas, and they have taken steps to avoid gluten contamination. Pizza fusion uses unique cooking spaces and cooking utensils that make it impossible for contamination to take place.

They make their pizza crust from garbanzo bean and fava bean flour, and rice flour. The toppings are made from gluten-free products, and the good part is that you can order almost any type of topping for your pizza.


  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1013 N. Federal Hwy.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

  • Ridgewood, New Jersey

33 Godwin Ave.

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

  • Old Dominion University, Virginia

4417 Monarch Way

Norfolk, VA 34102

16. Pizza Pie Cafe Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Gluten Free Cheese Pizza – Pizza Pie Cafe

Pizza pie café offers you a gluten-free pizza and a fantastic pizza crust that is crispy and awesome. The crust is made from tapioca flour, rice flour, potato starch, yeast, natural flavor, kosher gelatin, salt, vegetable shortening, filtered water, potassium chloride, and cellulose gum.

They use fresh ingredients to prepare their toppings, giving it a more delicious taste. You can request the traditional toppings, or you can always request something different. With Pizza pie café, you get to explore a lot of options.



  • 1826 Canyon Crest Dr. Twin Falls Idaho
  • 240 N 2nd E Rexburg Idaho


  • 1803 West 1800 North Clinton Utah
  • 1770 E Red Cliff Dr. Ste #1164 St. George Utah

17. Pizza Ranch Gluten-Free Pizza



Official Website: Gluten-Sensitive Specialties | Pizza Ranch

With Pizza Ranch, you still get to enjoy your legendary pizza options even with the gluten-free menu. They have a variety of twenty specialties that you can choose from. You can also ask for your pizza to be adjusted to your taste and preference.

In addition to the gluten-free crust, you can get the following toppings; stampede, sweet swine, garlic cheese, roundup, bacon cheeseburger, chicken broccoli, Tuscan Roman, and chicken bacon ranch. The menu has delicious recipes, and you will not regret going there.



  • 2430 N Bridge Avenue

Albert Lea, MN 56007

  • 1522 Broadway Street

Alexandria, MN 56308


  • 223 Reed St.

Akron, IA 51001

  • 233 Legacy Drive

Burlington, IA 52601


  • 321 E Hustan

Fort Pierre, SD 57532

  • 1010 6th Avenue SE

Aberdeen, SD 57401

18. Broccoli/Cheddar at Wrecktangle Pizza



This is an incredible gluten-free pizza. This pizza’s crust is two inches thick like the regular pizza, and you do not need to worry. Plus, it’s an excellent way to sneak veggies into your menu without others noticing, especially your children.

Their crust is crispy, thick, crunchy, and buttery. There is no boredom eating this pizza. They have a fantastic crust that usually defies the stereotype against gluten-free pizza. Their toppings are fantastic, and you get to experiment with whatever you want.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, you should branch by to feel this fantastic crunchy taste pizza. Check out their website to browse through and figure out what you want.

Official Website: Wrecktangle Pizza – Detroit Style Pizza

Address: 729 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413

19. Pepperoni Pizza at Galactic



If you want a mixture of awesomeness and gluten-free menu, then you should try this pepperoni pizza. It has a thin crust, and it is chewy. Also, if you like a lot of tomato sauce on your pizza, then they got you covered.

If you are in the Minneapolis region and looking for a good pepperoni pizza or any good pizza, even if you are a vegan or not, then you should try Galactic pizza place. You can visit their website or go to their physical location.

Official Website: Specialty Pizza Delivery Minneapolis | Order Pizza Online — GALACTIC PIZZA

Address: 2917 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408


You don’t have to give up your love for pizza because of your gluten allergy. There is a way around that, and some restaurants offer you the best option on how to enjoy your pizza and still stay healthy.

I am sure this article has given you a clue on some of the places that could cater to your needs. You can visit their websites to check out more about them, or you could branch by anyone close to you to see for yourself.

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